Why the Black Girls Wine collection means so much to us right now

When Black Girls Wine launched in 2016 the goal was to create a platform and offer something real that reflected who our audience is and what they represent. Black women represent some of the most influential people in the world. I wanted to celebrate that influence and excellence with a collection that truly reflected the Black female wine lover.

This collection means so much to release right now because I know how important representation is in every marketplace. You can buy wine apparel and gifts anywhere but where can you buy apparel that LOOKS LIKE YOU? That is the priority and goal for the BGW Shop. I want to offer designs with every Black wine lover in mind and now that I’ve had four years to get to know her, I know we’ve created something magical. 

As you shop and experience the evolution of the Black Girls Wine brand I hope you’re able to truly connect with the pieces, the inspiration, and the women who were all my motivation to give them a wine experience that looked like them