Black Girls Wine is more than a catchy phrase. It's a lifestyle. 

Created to celebrate the black woman and her love for wine, decadence, and rich experiences at once. 

Black Girls Wine is more than just a pretty brand. It's a being. 

A movement curated to combine two worlds that have been apart far too long. After all chocolate pairs with wine to create such a sweet & memorable experience.

Black Girls Wine is more than just wine. It's the perfect pairing. 

From our apparel to the wine reviews, it is never just about what you're sipping. It's about celebrating a woman, honoring traditions, indulging in pleasures, and you --being simply amazing.


Black Girls Wine was founded in 2016 by Shayla Varnado. With a vision to create a different experience for Black women wine lovers Shayla founded and launched the Black Girls Wine Society in 2019 to create a safe space for Black women to connect with other wine lovers and develop sisterhood bonds that would last a lifetime.

This shop is a manifestation of the vision Shayla had for products that do more than just celebrate wine but that also celebrate the woman behind the glass.